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"To give a young company an opportunity to be on the world wide web so that it can continue with its growth." - Roberto Calderon - Company Owner and Web Designer.

Roberto Calderon - Company Owner and Founder

Roberto Calderon, company owner and founder, established <div> Design } in 2018 as a web designing agency providing its services to a low budget clientele that is seeking an online presence at an affordable and economic price. Located in Calgary, AB, Canada, <div> Design } offers a pricing strategy that will meet your current needs and wants in creating your online presence. From a selection of packages to suit your online presence needs, be rest assured that if you are not completely satisfied with the results of your website, there is a two weeks money back guarantee.

Meaning that if you are not fully satisfied within these two weeks after your website goes live (online), feel free to inquire about your money back guarantee. Roberto Calderon, has spent most of his adult life focusing on his creative side tapping into the visual arts while developing the business aspect needed to run <div> Design } as a web designing company. He has studied visual arts throughout his academic years and now enjoys creating digital art compositions as an enthusiast through the electronic means available today. Currently, he wants to take this talent to the next level by creating an online presence as a part of your business venture in today's online world. <div> Design }, a Calgary, AB based web designing company and keeping towards modern design principles, will bring great success to your online presence needs.

Also, by staying up to date through the W3C's design standards, your website will look its best as well as appropriate on all computing platforms such as desktops, tablets, smartphones, and Smart TV's. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), lays out the rules and guidelines when designing modern and responsive websites so that they can be best viewed on any of the platforms mentioned earlier. Through HTML 5, CSS 3, including Javascript, and (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, your online presence will generate more visitors and traffic to your already established business.

Look no further to your online presence as <div> Design } will make it a reality and bring you that exceptional customer service you have been waiting for!

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